Leonard Scott, a human resources consultant, university teacher, historical researcher, and writer with deep knowledge and hands on experience in a broad range of management, recruiting, career development, and proposal writing offers a number of no cliche/no fluff speeches, presentations, workshops, and seminars that provide proven in the real world solutions to challenges faced by entrepreneurs, major corporations, industry associations, executives, managers, and consultants. All his speeches include Q&A sessions and free handout materials covering the presentation’s main points.

He holds bachelor's (University of Illinois), master's (Northwestern University), and doctoral (Cornell University) credentials. He has taught at Cornell University, Prairie State College, Harper College, and the University of Phoenix.

He has held top human resources executive positions at Pioneer Industries and Union Carbide and directed the Midwest executive search practice at Arthur Young & Company (now Ernst & Young.)

His articles have appeared in the Society for the Advancement of Management Journal, The West Coast Industrial Relations Association Newsletter, Fire Protection Contractors Journal, The Rotarian, and The Journal Religion. His book My Forty Years In The World Of Work will be published in Fall 2005.

Some recent presentations and public appearances:

  • Japan America Society - Dallas, TX
  • John Marshall Law School - Chicago, IL
  • American Institute of Plant Engineers - Cincinnati, OH
  • Karen Denard Evening Radio Talk Show - Dallas, TX
  • WGN “Open Mike” Talk Show-WGN Radio - Chicago, IL
  • Southern Methodist University Political Club - Dallas, TX
  • Cornell University School of Industrial & Labor Relations - Ithaca, NY
  • Society For Human Resources Management Conference - Ft. Worth, TX
  • Southern Methodist University Adult Education Program, Dallas, TX
  • DeVry University, Irving, TX
  • Mesorah School for Girls, Dallas, TX